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E388: Advanced Public Information Officer

Course Description:

This advanced course builds on the foundations established in the Basic Public Information Officer course series:

  • G289/IS-29 Public Information Officer Awareness
  • G0290, Basic Public Information Officers Course
  • G291 Joint Information System/Joint Information Center Planning for Tribal, State and Local PIOs

The course provides participants the knowledge and skills to establish, manage and work within a joint information center. The training will allow students to develop the skills to coordinate a message once developed and to modify if problems or sources of confusion arise. It discusses techniques to develop strategic messaging in support of incident action plans, managing joint information centers including personnel and stress. The course uses exercises as well as lectures to achieve objectives.

Selection Criteria

Full-time public Information personnel who have completed the prerequisites. The ā€œGā€ course requirements can be waived for those individuals who have extensive experience in public information activities. Waiver requests must be in writing and submitted to Admissions. Part-time public information officers with approval from course manager.

Part-time public information officers can be admitted if approved by course manager.

Federal External Affairs staff members may be allowed into the course, but must be on their own funding.



Exceptions can be made by course manager upon written request.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the history and present environment which public information officers work in.
  • Describe the changes in the American family and society over the last twenty years and emerging communication challenges
  • Analyze the impact of media generated fear mongering and public trust impacts on the acceptance of emergency communication messages
  • Discuss current crisis communication methodologies and the relationship with emergency communication
  • Describe the tools available for successful strategic communications planning
  • Describe the practice, policy and procedure related to Joint Information Systems and Joint Information Centers
  • List leadership skills required by public information officers working in a joint information center.
  • Demonstrate ability to work in a joint information center

Course Length: 4 days

CEUs: 3.1

For More Information

For admission and campus information call the NETC Admissions Office, 301-447-1035.

For course content information call Phil Politano, 301.447.1343

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