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Academic Emergency Management and Related Courses (AEMRC) for the Higher Education Program

Emergency and Risk Management Case Studies Textbook

Documents below provided in MS Word, or PDF format.

Outline for Case Studies in Emergency and Risk Management - 92KB Word

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Crisis, Disaster, and Risk Management Concepts- 127KB Word

Chapter 2: Preparedness - 3.5MB Word

Chapter 3: Mitigation - 835KB Word

Chapter 4: Response - 1.7MB Word

Chapter 5: Recovery - 2.6MB Word

Chapter 6: Communication - 1.1MB Word

Chapter 7: Statutory Authority - 559KB Word

Chapter 8: Business Crisis and Continuity Management and Planning- 1.3MB Word

Chapter 9: International Disaster Management - 1.7MB Word

Chapter 10: Future Trends and Issues - 50Kb Word

Chapter 11: Business Community Response in Hurricane Katrina - 225KB Word

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