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Notice: Independent Study Exams now require a FEMA Student Identification (SID) Number. If you do not yet have a SID, register for one today: https://cdp.dhs.gov/femasid.

If you have an inquiry regarding the FEMA Independent Study Program, NIMS or other Emergency Management Institute (EMI) related requests such as: requests for certificates, transcripts, online test scores/results, please contact the FEMA Independent Study program office at 301-447-1200 or email Independent.Study@fema.dhs.gov for further assistance. Please do not contact the FEMA SID Help Desk as they are unable to provide assistance with these requests.

ISP Courses

Course Code Course Title CEUs College Credits
IS-340 Hazardous Materials Prevention - (10/31/2013) 1 1.0
IS-346 An Orientation to Hazardous Materials for Medical Personnel - (10/31/2013) 1 1.0
IS-360 Preparing for Mass Casualty Incidents: A Guide for Schools, Higher Education, and Houses of Worship - (6/24/2013) 0.3 1.0
IS-362.a Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools - (10/31/2013) 0.3 1.0
IS-366 Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters - (10/31/2013) 0.4
*IS-366 Details
1.0 (When combined with IS-901)
IS-368 Including People With Disabilities & Others With Access & Functional Needs in Disaster Operations - (2/20/2014) 0.2 1.0
IS-386 Introduction to Residential Coastal Construction - (10/31/2013) 1.4 1.0
IS-393.a Introduction to Hazard Mitigation - (10/31/2013) 1 1.0
IS-394.a Protecting Your Home or Small Business From Disaster - (10/31/2013) 1 1.0
IS-395 FEMA Risk Assessment Database - (10/31/2013) 0.2
*IS-395 Details
1.0 (When combined with IS-212 and IS-559)
IS-403 Introduction to Individual Assistance (IA) (DF-103) - (5/12/2010) 0.1 n/a
IS-405 Overview of Mass Care/Emergency Assistance - (12/10/2013) 0.1 n/a
IS-420 Implementing the Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program - (10/6/2010) 0.2
*IS-420 Details
1.0 (When combined with IS-421)
IS-421 Overview of the Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program - (10/23/2013) 0.1
*IS-421 Details
1.0 (When combined with IS-420)
IS-450 Emergency Preparedness for Federal Employees - (10/31/2013) 0.1
*IS-450 Details
1.0 when in combination with (IS-35, IS-37, IS-920 and IS-923)

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